The Beginning of Something Special

Chase Kennedy, Journalist

Thanks to our Afghani friends, the establishment of Cricket intramurals is coming to Salesianum. For those who do not follow Cricket, Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat. The goal of the game is to score runs, much like the popular game baseball. 11 players take the field at a time on defense, while two players on the opposing team are on offense. The two “batsmen” attempt to hit the ball as it is bowled to them, defending three pins. Once the ball has been hit in play, they run back and forth, switching positions without getting an out. The batsmen can be called out if a fielding player catches the ball, if his hand touches the ball, or if the next batsmen does not step up within two minutes, they will be called “timed out”. 

Cricket will join basketball, flag football, cards, cornhole, and esports as the intramurals held at Salesianum.

As well as Cricket, Futsal intramurals are starting up. For those unfamiliar with the sport, Futsal is played indoors, and on a much, much smaller court than soccer. Many of the same rules of soccer still apply with the exception of there only being five players on the court at a time, and substitutions are on the fly, much like hockey. There are no goalie punts, nor are there any offsides. Those interested can sign up for their house.