Talking Food with Mr Klein


Nathan Reid

I was able to reach out to Mr. Klein to talk about food, cooking, and what restaurants you may catch him at.


What is your favorite breakfast?

Klein: Buttermilk pancakes w/ real maple syrup or a croissant!


Favorite Lunch?

Klein: I enjoy eating leftovers from the night before, but if I had to order something it would probably be a BLT w/ kettle chips


Favorite Dinner?

Klein: Love the pasta dinner on a Sunday, any iteration will do


What is your favorite meal? 

Klein: It depends on what day you ask me. Today I’m craving Thai, specifically red curry with shrimp 


Favorite cuisine?

Klein: Thai or Italian?


Favorite restaurant?

Klein: This is a tough one…for a pizza or pasta I’m going to V&M Bistro in N. Wilmington but for a sit-down meal, Ubon Thai on the Riverfront


What kinds of food would you bring for lunch normally?

Klein: Leftovers from the night before such as pasta, soups, rice bowls, etc. I love a good PB&J too!


Are you a by-the-book chef or a more improvisational one?

Klein: Improv. All day. 


What types of food do you find the most difficult to make but enjoy overall?

Klein: I really enjoy baking, but it can be a challenge because it’s harder to improvise a recipe.


How do you eat before a big biking trip?

Klein: I typically just eat a normal meal about 1.5 hrs before I ride.


What do you think is most important about food and how we make and eat it?

Klein: How much time do you have? On a serious note, I think it’s important to understand the environmental impact of the food we eat, how it’s harvested, what’s in it (ingredients), & how it’s prepared. In the end, I believe we should be grateful to & support those that spend a lot of time growing, harvesting, preparing, & serving healthy foods!


What type of bread is your favorite?

Klein: Sourdough, no contest

Where would you normally go for recipes?

Klein: Luckily, I have internalized a lot of family recipes over the years, but I also have a small selection of cookbooks that I received as gifts!


Where would you normally go for ingredients?

Klein: Trader Joe’s or Acme.


What would a last meal be for you?

Klein: Smashburger w/ cheese, fries, & ketchup.


Finally, do you cut sandwiches diagonally or sidewise?

Klein: Diagonally.


Thank you so much for the responses Mr. Klein, and I look forward to more of the food talks your class is accustomed to.