We have all heard of senioritis and most of us have probably thought it wasn’t a real thing. But as a senior I can tell you that it is and it is in full swing for most if not all of us seniors. The lack of effort and desire to study for tests or do homework are just some of the symptoms. Honestly I think some of the teachers have a little bit of senioritis as well with a decreased amount of homework and more of a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Senioritis starts effecting you in little ways at first, putting less effort into assignments or not studying as much as you would have the quarter before. From there it all starts to hit at once; no desire to do school work; pay attention in class or not even wanting to go to class. They begin to realize that many of the classes they are taking have little if any relation to what they want to do with their lives. Seniors are also ready to move on with their lives and get out of the repetitive schedule of high school, to live on their own and have the freedom to do what they want with their day to day life. Many of us have been forced to follow a strict schedule for our entire lives; like when we can eat lunch, when we can go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. Knowing that in just a few short months we will be living on our own and being able to make our own schedules makes us want that day to come faster.

I believe senioritis happens because of all the stress we have had over the past year with getting good grades, taking SAT’s and ACT’s, applying to colleges, getting into college and making your final decision. These events will ultimately have an affect on how we live out our lives. Along with all of these things, many seniors have jobs leaving less time to focus on school work. With all of this stress we need time to relax and have fun and we believe now is the time to do that. After our four years here with all the tests, quiz’s and homework we want to relax and not be overwhelmed yet another year with the stress of finals. Seniors want to hang out with their friends rather then study for that one test in that one class or do homework for a class that has nothing to do with what you want to do with your life after college. With prom and graduation rapidly approaching many seniors are very distracted and just want those days to come faster and really do not care what happens in between. With all of this excitement there is also the sadness of our time as seniors as well as high school students is coming to an end very rapidly. Although many seniors do not think catching the so called disease of senioritis is that bad, but if you slack off too much it could have major consequences that can effect your forever. For example the college that you worked so hard to get into for the past four years could rescind your acceptance making you choose a different college that you might not like or might not be the right fit for you. Along with this it could cost you your high school diploma. If you slack off to much and end up failing one of the required courses could cause you to not being able to graduate and have to take classes over the summer break to make up for all the work you did not do during the last couple of weeks of senior year. In the end senior year of high school can be one of the best years of your life if you put the time and effort in. Senioritis is a thing and it is okay to get it but you still have to do your best in all of your school work.