Jacob Wheatley Wins Inagural Golden Jacket


Graham Burke ‘19, Staff Writer

With the 2017-2018 scholastic year now underway, new trends and rituals are being established. Among the many, the most recognizable is the “Golden Jacket.” The golden jacket is a reward given to one student who shows the most school pride, spirit, or one who simply lived Jesus in the preceding week. Our first recipient was a senior, Jacob Wheatley. Jacob was awarded the jacket for having a ubiquitous presence at the weekend’s sporting events. Jacob attended both the football game as well as the soccer game, which was played in Newark, New Jersey. He exhibited school spirit and pride at both events by cheering on his fellow brothers. Along with the jacket, Jacob earned 10 house points for Kenny House, putting them in first place, as well as a free lunch on Friday. This honor will presented to a new student every week.
The jacket itself is hard to miss in the hallways, a bright gold with black lapels. Jacob has been seen around school all week showcasing the new jacket. It is a symbol of spirit in our school, because when you see that student with the jacket you will know he takes pride supporting his classmates at their sporting events. Jacob is the epitome of a Salesian who supports his brothers and supports them in everything they do. He’s also a role model to the younger students at our school, showing that school pride is very important to express whenever possible.

With the idea of the golden jacket, Salesianum should expect many positive outcomes. We hope as a school community that the jacket will give incentive to support more school events. This doesn’t just mean football and basketball games. We want students at all our sporting events, school plays, art show, dances, and all other extracurricular activities. Showing support at events shows unity and helps strengthen our brotherhood. We are called to support our brothers in all events.

This is one of the many new traditions that has started during our time at Salesianum, and we hope it will carry on way past our time at the school. The jacket will be one of our marks that we leave on Salesianum. Being apart of the tradition is a motto that we go by, and this is a great opportunity for more people to experience it. Everybody needs to get involved in events to further our sense of community. Be a part of the brotherhood, we are all one together.