Salesianum Soccer Wins Their Eighth in a Row


Liam Furlong, Editor-in-Chief

The boys from 18th & Broom have yet another trophy to add to their collection. On Saturday November 18, the Salesianum varsity soccer team came home with an astounding win against the formidable Appoquinimink High School. With a score of 2-1 to finish off the season, the team was able to score one last win for the House of Sales.

At 5:00, the Salesian athletes took the field, well prepared to bring home the victory. As a nationally ranked team, Sallies had a big reputation to uphold, and living up to their potential in this final match, causing adrenaline to be at an all time high. Throughout the entire first half, the teams were evenly matched, with no goals being scored. However as the second half started, the gloves began to come off. In the last few minutes it was neck and neck, with Sallies and Appoquinimink tied at 1-1. In the 56th minute, Salesianum pulled through and scored the game-winning goal to win at 2-1 and to bring home another state title.

What an incredible way to end the season. Upon interviewing varsity soccer coach Scott Mosier, we learned that “Hopes going into the season were that we would be an attacking-team, very offensive, very creative, fun, enthusiastic, hard-working team. We had the components to do so, and we’ve lived up to that, and we’ve gotten a lot of results,” When asked if it has been a successful season, Coach answered that, “Overall, it has been a successful season because the kids have grown and learned and just developed this year. When they look back on their careers, my hope would be that any one game wouldn’t define them as players and wouldn’t define our team and certainly wouldn’t define the program.”

Looking back on the season, the Salesianum varsity team had a great year, finishing 18-1, but the one game that stands out is the sole loss to St. Benedict’s. However, in sight of this, Mr. Mosier believes this to be a learning experience about soccer, and about life. “Playing numbers 1 vs 2 in the country was a big game, and that was a great learning opportunity for our team and individual players. It was a great way to figure out why they didn’t play well, what we could have done better, myself as a coach, the team the players, and I think the players are better because we played that game. High school is about developing and learning to be a young man, and that was a great learning opportunity for them.”

Now that it’s all said and done, the varsity soccer team has had an extraordinary season this year. They captured their eighth straight state title, and couldn’t have represented the school in a better way.