Welcome Back Young Republicans!

Kevin Villec ‘19, Staff Writer

The Young Republicans club has begun again after laying dormant for a few years. The main reason the club revitalized was for students to have a safe space to discuss the views they believe, and to break down the stereotype of a Republican. Ben Roat, president of the club, had the idea of starting it up again this year after watching the news and hearing how both political parties are unfairly represented. He originally got kids involved by talking to others about the club, and the idea quickly spread.

Moderated by Mr. Quinn, it takes a look into issues from the view of the Republican Party and shows their side of the story. They talk about what is happening in the country and discuss not only the Republican side, but also try to look at it from the Democrats view as well. They dive head first into all of the issues at hand, and work hard to present their views. The Young Republicans come in with an open mind to the discussions. These young republicans find articles about modern news and discuss them amongst each other. They make sure to bring up the Democratic view on the subject and put themselves in the shoes of their counterparts and see where they are coming from. The leaders of the club have had people with different views to come in and explain their viewpoint. The Young Republicans talk about all subjects from the issue of immigration to the issue of national tax reform to the issue of health insurance. If anyone is interested the club is open to everyone who comes as long as they come in with an open mind.

Roat talked about how he wanted to break the stereotypes of the average far-right republican, and show that not all republicans have such extreme views. During the last G6 period, they voted on leadership positions. There were four different positions up for grabs including: Vice President, Secretary, Man Who Keeps it Real, and Underclassman Rep. Vice President was won by Sophomore Michael Stuckey, Secretary was won by Michael Santoleri, Man who Keeps it Real was won by Arthur Jackson, and Underclassman Rep was won by Andrew George. The Young Republicans club takes place during the G6 period in Mr. Quinn’s room. On occasion these young republicans will bring in snacks to go along with their discussions and debates. They meet every other G6.