Meet Our Newest Salesian Brother, Lou!


Patrick Boyle ‘21, Staff Writer

On Thursday of Spirit Week the student body was introduced to our newest Salesian Brother, Lou. Lou, our new school dog, was presented to the student body in a chariot pulled by members the student council. The crowd erupted at the sight of the newest member of Salesianum. Since then, more information about Lou has come out. Lou is a hypoallergenic, golden-doodle and is named after one of our patrons, Blessed Fr. Louis Brisson.

Many students wondered where Lou would be staying and these questions have recently been answered. He will be living with Mr. Jackman, and can often be found walking around the school or in Mr. Jackman’s office. If you have not had the chance to stop by and say hi to our new four legged friend we strongly suggest you do so. The best times to go and see Lou are after school, but he is also seen in the lobby during the occasional passing period. Lou has made his way around the school, often stopping in to say hi to different homerooms and classes.

Since Lou was brought into our Salesian family, other schools such as Padua and Ursuline have begun researching the possibility of getting their own school dog. The Archmere student council tweeted out saying that Salesianum’s new dog has “Changed the game forever.” We could not agree more. Although Lou is extremely well behaved already, he is still a puppy and is going to continue being trained by Mr. Jackman so he can be brought to more activities such as football and basketball games. We look forward to seeing Lou around the school in the near future and in the years to come.