Sals Theater Prepares for a Spectacular Show


Liam Furlong, Editor-in-Chief

From March 2-11, 2018, the spotlight will shine on Salesianum’s own cast of Les Misérables. Ever since the late fall, young actors & actresses from Sallies, Ursuline, and Padua have been getting ready to reenact one of the greatest musicals of all time. While the hard work is far from over, the immense effort of cast and crew alike has poured into this outstanding project to ensure that our school will hear the people sing!

Being a part of such a production is no doubt a massive commitment, but the performers of the Delaware community are up to the challenge. Years of experience and expertise are being poured into this magnificent performance, especially with those portraying dominant characters. “Although we’re still keeping that artistic aptitude to it,” says lead actor Jake Poppiti, who plays Javert, “we’re starting to reach that professional level. I think that it’s going to be a great challenge to match the scenery with our skill.”
However, one doesn’t have to be a leading character to perceive the closeness and sodality of the theatre. Ensemble member James Edwards commented that “with Les Mis, I really see the community coming together a lot, so we work together all time, on and off the stage. While individually, we are all still developing to be the best that we can be, we are all learning together. We all have our unique backstories, and working together like this, well, it’s awesome!”

Of course, such a production could not be pulled off without the talents of Salesianum director Aaron Bogad. “I’ve worked with a number of directors, most of them are very strict, very rigid,” says Poppiti. “But Aaron Bogad is very much the artist rather than the professional. He takes what he sees around him, and he tries to incorporate that in his work, in a modern piece of his own.” With this contemporary, fluid direction, this performance of Les Miserables should be like no other.

Coming together as a community of three schools to assemble this artistic masterpiece has indeed been a remarkable ordeal, one that cast and crew alike shall not soon forget. It has created and strengthened bonds between the performers, and students of all four years of high school have been given the chance to unite for the common goal of pulling off a spectacular show. “This is entirely a learning experience,” remarks Poppiti. “We have been given this opportunity to show the Salesianum community that the theatre is something that stands strong, as well as contribute to this professional experience.”

In short, the Salesianum production of Les Misérables is definitely something that you don’t want to miss. Come to Sallies on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from March 2-11, and support your friends and fellow students from Padua, Ursuline, and Salesianum as they go beyond the barricade to deliver a fantastic performance. The actors and actresses have been working extremely hard to deliver a great show, and, as a Salesian student, support your fellow brothers and the Salesian community and go hear the people sing!