Give It Up For Gulu!

Nicholas Reichert ‘20, Staff Writer

“FIVER!” Yells an enthusiastic Mr. Johnson, as one of his freshman students donates five dollars for the charity. As is an annual tradition for his CSI classes, Mr. Johnson and his students are in the midst of their “Give it Up for Gulu” fundraiser. 2 years ago, the Gispert family introduced the fundraiser to Mr. Johnson, and he has supported it ever since. By collecting money from his classes, Mr. Johnson has raised thousands of dollars for the St. Catherine’s School, in Gulu, Uganda. With that money, the school was able to buy a bus and provide necessities for their students. Gulu is an underprivileged area, with much of the population lacking food, water, and proper clothing. Before last year, when the “Give it Up for Gulu” campaign raised about $1,500, the Ugandan students would often walk miles to school in bare feet. By providing enough funds in order to purchase a bus and clothing, Mr. Johnson and the Gispert Family have made a huge impact on the lives of Ugandan children.

When asked about why he feels so strongly about this cause, Mr. Johnson said, “Giving up candy for Lent, I think, is dumb. By sacrificing money, for them, it is a form of fasting for Lent.”
By hosting the fundraiser, and emphatically supporting his students who donate, Mr. Johnson hopes to instill in his students a sense of duty to their fellow humans, and also challenges them to make Lent more meaningful. After all, it is more about doing, rather than “not doing”, as he teaches during this season.

If you would like to donate towards the “Give it Up for Gulu” campaign, you can stop by Mr. Johnson’s classroom, A-029, before or after school.. Every bit counts towards making a difference for our Catholic brothers and sisters around the globe.