Sallies Elects New Freshmen House Representatives


Liam Furlong '21, Staff Writer

The votes are in: the results of the freshman house council election have been announced!
Released on February 26, each of the eight Salesianum houses gained new student body
leaders, eager to serve and improve the school in any ways that they can. These
newly-appointed council representatives are, for Birkenheuer, Dylan Mooney; Roddy Morrissey
for Fromentin; Jack Steinhoff for Haley-Carpenter; Finn Casey for Kenney; Chris Pilla for
Lawless; for Quintus, Declan Landis; Liam Furlong of Rosaio, and Thomas Oakes for Tucker.
These new inductees are ready to make Sallies an even better place, and make 2018 the best
year it can be for their freshman peers.

By integrating themselves in the Student Senate, these remarkable eight students have
shown that they truly care about their school, and will see to it that their classmates’ voices are
heard. “I just really wanted to get involved with Sallies,” remarks Haley-Carpenter Senate
member Jack Steinhoff. “I thought this would be a perfect way to start getting more involved.”
Fellow representative to the Tucker House Thomas Oakes agrees, saying, “ I think it’s a great
way to get proximate with not just the whole student body and school, but to also include the
freshman heavily in our decisions and keep them in the loop of where we are going.”

Of course, being a public servant to the entire Salesianum student body is no walk in the
park. This position requires hard work, responsibility, and integrity to not just carry out their
tasks, but to do so in a way that inspires those around them. Freshman class moderator Mr.
Klein, an overseer to the Student Senate, describes just how fundamental this position is,
commenting that, “They will work a lot with StuCo (the student council) and Mr. Jackman,
addressing student needs throughout the year, whether that be planning a dance, or
SALSTHON, which is coming up and is a pretty big operation, but also anything that their class
needs in particular, such as fundraisers or planning the freshman class trip.” Clearly, this is a lot
to undergo in the short timespan of one year, but these elite eight are up to the task, and they
will certainly do a great job.

Although it has only been a few short months, this leadership experience has definitely
impacted the new inductees to the Senate, and all for the better. Freshman representative for
the Quintus House Declan Landis remarked, “Helping People has always been a pastime of
mine, so being able to reach out to my brothers in the House of Sales is just an amazing
experience for me.” Becoming a representative of the Student Senate is a remarkable ordeal,
allowing brothers of all backgrounds to come together, collaborate, and contribute to something
bigger than themselves. “Hopefully, they’ll have a chance to get more involved in the
community,” adds Mr. Klein. “Even if you’re not a major varsity athlete or a star in the school
musical, this is a great chance to come together with your classmates, and to contribute
positively towards the Salesian community.” These new freshman representatives have been
doing a spectacular job so far, especially with preparing for SALSTHON, and their work is only
going to get better, making 2018 the best that it can possibly be.