Salesianum Frisbee Team – Dominating the Disc


Freshman cutter Ryan Gallmann makes an incredible save.

Liam Furlong, Editor

As the 2017-2018 school year goes whizzing by, so do the discs thrown by our newest Salesian athletes. Established this spring, Salesianum is proud to introduce its newest competitive sport, the Salesianum ultimate frisbee team. While it has always been a fun pastime and even a club, many students have been petitioning to make frisbee an official sport, and to the joy of many, that’s exactly what it has become. The boys at 18th & Broom are ready to show the Delaware area who really dominates the disc.
Now the creation of this phenomenal team didn’t happen in a day; it took a while for the process of club to competitive to get into motion. “I’m came from a Pennsylvania high school, I’m a transfer,” remarked sophomore captain Colin Fulmer, “ and in PA, every high school has an ultimate frisbee team. Up there, the frisbee teams are treated the same as the football teams or the basketball teams.” With the help of faculty advisor and coach Mr. Moore, Fulmer has developed what was once a casual game into a gritting, varsity athletics team. Once the foundation was set, gathering fun-loving frisbee stars happened almost overnight. “I’ve played in the club here before, but I’d always view frisbee as more of a casual thing,” says freshman cutter Ryan Gallmann. “When I saw that it could be played as a competitive sport, I was very curious and wanted to see what it was like.” Interest in the new sport couldn’t be higher, but the real test to the newcomers is whether they can hold their own in a match.
Once the team had been established, the Sallies frisbee fighters were immediately thrust into a league. Within said league, there are over forty-five different teams of all different high schools. Just last week, the team came home from Garnet Valley High School with a whopping win of 16-2! “We’re a first year team, the good news is that were only gonna grow,” says Fulmer. With this kind of outcome, though, this reporter believes that not much adjustment is needed. Even still, the athletes are always growing, in both skill and Salesian standard. Be sure to cheer on the Salesian athletes on Saturday, April 28 at Oaks, Pennsylvania in an all-day tournament as they take care of some friz biz!
Overall, having an ultimate frisbee team is a remarkable success so far. The brotherhood really shines through when a group of 30+ Salesians come together to practice and perform on the field the best that they can. Freshman Ryan Gallmann couldn’t have summed up his experience any better, remarking, “It’s a great group of guys heading out almost every day trying a new sport, and it’s a really great experience that I think everyone should try.” Freshman teammate Christian Nichols agrees, saying, “It’s pretty radical-dadical!” Clearly, the ultimate frisbee team is a great asset to the Salesianum sports program, and we’ll be with them every step of the way to the championship game!