Introducing Mrs. Walsh

Salesianum Welcomes its Newest Member of the Advancement Team


Mrs. Walsh joins the Salesianum Advancement team as the Director of Parent Engagement

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our new staff members here at Salesianum, Mrs. Alex Walsh. While Mrs. Walsh currently upholds the title of being the Director of Parent Giving, her past is filled with many interesting stories and experiences that led her to be where she is today.

Originally from Rehoboth, Mrs. Walsh has resided in Wilmington, Delaware for over forty-years; naturally, it has become a town in which she loves greatly. Before acquiring her job at Salesianum, she attended college at the University of Miami, where she majored in broadcasting. With this degree, she eventually landed herself a job working for NBC News and VH1 in New York. While stationed in Washington D.C. for NBC News, Mrs. Walsh experienced one of our nation’s biggest tragedy first-hand, during which the September 11th terrorist attacks had occurred. As a result of all the stress she faced from this tragedy and work, she finally realized it was time to get out of TV news. After the decision to leave this field, she took up jobs that entailed event planning and working for nonprofit organizations, which eventually led her to Salesianum.

Now the Director of Parent Giving, she is finding her new position enjoyable and is currently fundraising and working on a project called The 1903 Society. The strong sense of community and leadership currently upheld by our two very strong leaders, Father Beretta and Mr. Kennealy, is the inspiration for growing adults that makes it her favorite aspect of being apart of our Salesian community thus far.