There is a New Article Among Us…

Zachary Gordon, Reporting Journalist

Are you looking for ways to connect with friends and loved ones remotely during this pandemic? Well, it turns out that lying and literal backstabbing can bring people closer together.

Among Us is a game about uncovering liars. Up to ten players all join a lobby, and they are split into two teams. Most people become Crewmates—the “good guys” just trying to survive and finish all their tasks while moving around a map. However, two players are assigned the Imposter role, and their job is to take out the Crewmates without getting caught.

Among Us is not a complicated game, and it plays like Mafia mixed with Mario Party. The real fun of Among Us comes not from the gameplay itself, but from the arguments it incites among its players.

Every time an Imposter takes out a Crewmate, a body is left on the map. When another player comes across the body, they can report it, and all remaining players have to talk it out to decide if they want to vote someone out of the game. For Crewmates, this is the time to bring together observations and suspicions from their experience moving around the map. For Imposters, it’s a time to use unrest, deception, and anything else to keep the Crew off their scent.

Among Us is at its best during these group discussions. No one can ever fully trust anyone else, and it is exhilarating trying to navigate and confirm everyone’s different alibis and strongly worded claims. The best part is that the discussions are equally fun as both a Crewmate and Imposter. As a Crewmate, it feels incredibly satisfying to call out an Imposter’s bold-faced lie and get them voted out of the game, and as an Imposter, it feels just as exciting to successfully direct suspicion towards someone else.

Among Us isn’t a new release—It actually launched in 2018. Despite that, it feels as if this game was made for a world in the midst of pandemic. Among Us is a perfect way to remotely have some fun with your friends and family. The game is simple to learn, but there’s an endless array of strategies you can adopt as a Crewmate or Imposter. Rounds are usually pretty quick too, so there’s always that feeling of “just one more game” to keep everyone playing for hours.

With its mass appeal and addictive, exciting premise, it’s not surprising that Among Us took over the Internet last month. It has been estimated that the game was downloaded over 86 million times as of mid-September, and that number has only increased since. If you somehow have not checked out Among Us yet, give it a go. Whether you are calling out your friends on their lies as a Crewmate or lying to them yourself as an Imposter, you’ll all be sure to have a blast!

Among Us is FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and it is also available for purchase on Steam.