The Great September Heat Wave

Liam BeVard '21, Staff Writer

An unprecedented heatwave struck the majority of the East Coast spanning from September 21st to the 27th. The lingering effects of Tropical Storm Hermione caused dry air to be funneled in, building up pressure and subsequently raising temperatures. Average average highs at the end of September are usually around 80 degrees, but for Delaware specifically, temperatures hit up to 89 degrees. The temperature was also fairly constant throughout the state, which is very uncommon, as New Castle’s temperature is typically a bit higher than that of Kent and Sussex counties.
Over the course of the week, the average highs dropped, but the actual highs increased, according to Accuweather. This is a very interesting trend, as it points to very polarizing temperatures in the day vs in the night. Around the country, we’ve also experienced record highs that we haven’t seen since the World War II era. Subsequently, the national weather service issued a hazardous weather outlook for the country, but also northern Delaware specifically.
As October has come around, temperatures have dropped, but we have still seen spurts of heat, when highs have hit 80 degrees. We urge everyone to stay hydrated during these warmer days, and anticipate the heat to not slow down for at least a few more weeks.