Introducing Mr. Drake

Arts and Innovations Expands Course Offerings


Brendan Fink '19

Mr. Drake joins the Arts and Innovation Department and will teach a variety of courses ranging from Digital Storytelling to Guitar to Freshman Innovation

As Salesianum becomes more technologically advanced, so do our teachers. Mr. Drake, hailing from Doylestown, PA, introduced himself to Salesianum this year as a teacher in our Arts and Innovation Department. He has made the TV Studio his new home, and is eager to show Salesianum what he has to offer. Mr. Drake took some time out of his busy day to chat with us, answer some questions, and tell us how his first few weeks at Salesianum have gone.

Where did you go to college?

— I attended Gordon College in Massachusetts.

Is this your first job teaching, or where were you before?

— I taught at Plumstead Christian School for five years, and before that, I taught in the Salem Public School District.

What got you interested in teaching at Salesianum?

— The program sounded incredible, and I happened to meet Father Beretta at a convention in Philadelphia.

What’s it like to transition to an all-boys school?

— You guys are a lot less distracted.

What’s your favorite part of Sallies so far?

— I love my coworkers, and I’m excited to teach all of my classes.

When did you get into film and photography?

— In college, actually – I did performance, and I started doing improv comedy as a freshman. It snowballed from there.